SET 50 Constituents

SET 50 Constituents

Here are the 50 companies stock prices that make up the SET 50 Index today.

Name Last Price Change % Change Day High Day Low Volume

What is SET 50?

The SET 50 index is the primary stock index of Thailand. The constituents of SET 50 companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, in Bangkok. The Stock Exchange of Thailand 50 index designed to represent the performance of the top 50 large market capitalization which consists coverage of and high correlation with the Thai market.

What does SET 50 stand for?

The Stock Exchange of Thailand is abbreviated as SET 50 Index. It is a capitalization-weighted index based on the top 50 stocks listed on the Bangkok SET index having high market capitalization and high liquidity.

How is SET 50 calculated?

SET 50 is calculated, respectively, from the stock prices of the top 50 listed companies on SET in terms of large market capitalization, high liquidity, and compliance with requirements regarding the distribution of shares to minor shareholders. The SET 50 index is market capitalization-weighted price indices which compare the recent market value of all listed common stocks with their market values on the base date.