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Nikkei is short for Japan’s Nikkei 225 Stock Average, The Nikkei 225 Stock Average is Japan’s premiere leading and most-respected index of Japanese stocks. It is a price-weighted index comprised of Japan’s top 225 blue-chip companies traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Nikkei is similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index in the United States. The index is the oldest in Asia and has been calculated since Sept 1950 (retroactively to May 1949) and its constituents include the maximum liquid domestic stocks listed in the first section of the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange).

A price-weighted index is calculated based on the so-called average stock price, found by adding the prices of each of the stocks in the index (referred to as “component stocks”) and dividing the sum by a constant.  The Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225) calculated and published by Nikkei Inc. uses this calculation method. The Nikkei225 is calculated with 225 market representative stocks from the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section. By calculating with highly liquid stocks, the Nikkei225 index is must satisfy the main two objectives, first, it should maintain its long-term continuity and the second is to reflect the changes in the industry structure.