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About SGX Nifty

SGX NIFTY stands for Singapore Exchange. Nifty traded in Stock Exchanges in Singapore. SGX NIFTY is derivative of NIFTY index traded publicly in Singapore stock exchange. Nifty futures on the SGX is traded for 16 hours on that exchange while the Nifty now trades for six-and-half hours on the NSE Stock Market in India. Investors who are unable to access Indian markets, but who want to take an experience in Indian market trade in SGX Nifty. As India and Singapore are on the same continent and due to global effect of share trading, the SGX Nifty is also indirectly related to the Sensex and Nifty. Following the globalization of share trading, when countries can trade with each other, any change in the economic performance of 1 country has a direct effect on the stock prices of another country. SGX Nifty thus moves with respect to the Indian Nifty. The SGX Nifty opens at 8:00 am all working days and gives the initial track of the Indian share market.

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) will soon list dollar-denominated index futures contracts namely, SGX Nifty Bank, SGX Nifty IT, SGX Nifty CPSE and SGX Nifty Midcap 50. This is the first time such derivative contracts are being made available outside India. The Singapore-based bourse already offers SGX Nifty 50 Index Futures, which is quite popular among international market participants looking to gain off-shore exposure to the Indian benchmark index.